Sunday, February 7, 2010

We Can Take Buffalo--Everyone Else Has

Snow is so common that I have omitted to note its falling at least two days out of Three.
William Henry Ashley

It is now being reported that this area is second only to Buffalo, New York in the amount of snow fall this year. Buffalo has the distinction of being one of two cities that have lost the most Super Bowls. In the case of Buffalo that means four consecutive losses with the last being in 1994. Fredericksburg has a unique opportunity to join New York, Washington, Dallas, and most every other city in the AFC based on this year's season, to send Buffalo home as losers! More snow predicted for Tuesday and possibly at the end of the week. I smell victory!

So what can I say--more snow pictures. During our latest snow storm I spent a few hours working with the city's Public Facilities crew shoveling snow downtown. The high points were the discovery of microwavable sausage and pancakes on a stick and a lunch of my personal favorite, Chef Boyardee Mini-Ravioli. The low point was looking back over a block of sidewalk which you just cleared of 8" of snow and ice to see another 3" on the ground... and growing.

This morning the sun was shining, a pair of cardinals were out adding a little color to the blanket of white, and my lower back and arms were killing me. Yet I could not pass up the opportunity to take some photos of one of the city's largest snowfalls. So off I went. This time accompanied by my wife and the family mutt to ensure my inner child wouldn't get the better of me. Don't think I would have survived the experience.........

The Kelly Family Compound
Home sweet home on Hanover Street. Took the photo at a low angle to make the amount of snow that I shoveled look a bit more impressive. Actually, my wife was also part of the snow removal detail. I shoveled the walkway, sidewalk and driveway twice Friday night. On Saturday morning I shoveled it again. You know how it is. I couldn't go out to play downtown,i.e., shoveling more snow for about 7 hours, until I finished my chores at home first. Pretty stupid huh?
A Boy and His Dog...and Wife
My wife Cindie and the family Mutt, Morrison. My companions during the initial stages of my wanderings. In this photos they provide some perspective on the amount of snow and also provide me some mammal in the photo points--right Mike?. Having ones wife along also keeps the inner child in check. Probably saved my life.
Picture the Scene..........
A driving, no, make that a blinding snow with bone chilling winds. Yours truly standing alone, shovel in hand, staring down at a foot of snow..mocking me. Struggling forward I slash down at my adversary with all my strength and the life or death struggle begins in earnest....... OK, OK I embellished a bit. I had some help. One of my projects from the day before. The entry way to the city's parking garage. By the way, bricks (even stamped ones) suck!
City Hall
No story here beyond the fact that a cleared the sidewalk twice the day before. Just liked the shot.
Life Impacts "Art"
Our life experiences do impact our perceptions and perspectives. Take this photo for example. Based on my previous post of looking down a city street I would focus on the buildings and trees. Now having spend a good part of a day freezing my butt off in a driving snow storm shoveling snow off sidewalks--the same ones more than once--you will note a slight change in the perspective in this photo. My first thought in taking this photos was pity--What poor smuck is going to have to clear the 3" of ice off this sidewalk. Then I thought about the colors and textures of the scene.
" Never Before Have So Many Owed So Much to So Few....."
The morning after. A City crew putting the finishing touches on the work from the day before. We are quick to complain when things are not done to our satisfaction while thinking little about what it may take to get the job done. The day before these people were shoveling snow for 12 hours in the middle of the snow storm and were back the next morning to finish up. I do think a sincere thank-you is in order.
Symptom of Cabin Fever
Goolrick's Pharmacy. They still dispense Coke Syrup for upset stomachs here and have a mean ham salad sandwich. This scene also had some nice color and texture contrasts that cried out to be played with on the computer.
And I Thought I Had Problems
A beautiful scene for those passing by. For the poor bastard who lives here there is a lot of work ahead.
Looks Like an Improvement to Me
Previously I had asked you to comment on whether you felt the color(s) of this wall were appropriate to their surroundings. Well even though the color(s) of the wall was not what was originally agreed to City Council has decided we can live with it. This is not the first time we have gone down this road. The local High School mascot is the Yellow Jacket yet the school colors are orange and black. The story is that years ago the new football uniforms came in the wrong colors. Instead of sending them back we adopted the new colors. Fredericksburg has a problem with color coordination. Frankly I think the snow piled up over the wall is an improvement. What do you think?
Todo, I Don't Think We are in Virginia Anymore?
The Rappahannock River at the City Dock. This is not supposed to happen in Virginia! Next thing you know gridlock will end in Richmond and VDOT's Six Year Plan will actually take six years to complete instead of six decades! Sure looks like hell freezing over to me.
A Parental Moment
The family "Metal Head" our youngest son Joshua, with his girl friend Anna, are inducted into the National Honor Society. Our daughter was the rebel, our eldest son was the jock, and Josh is the family Renaissance Man. All traits they got from their mother. Having my ears bleed from the latest heavy metal riff played with the amps cranked up or being subjected to the latest metal drum solo now seem like a small price to pay for moments like this.... And then there is the possibility that I can hit him up for a few mil after his first album goes platinum.