Saturday, June 13, 2009

Back to 22401—History, Nature, Mystery, Stories to be Written, and the Local Wild Life

“Each zip code has its own unique style, feel and character.”

Will Morrison

Back to the streets of F’burg for a glimpse behind the curtain of, “America’s Most Historic City,” to experience what once was and is. To highlight its unique character and characters…….

Fredericksburg's Morning Mecca
This is were you will find me most mornings. Sometimes conversing on the issues of the day or, more often then not, on the issues that have absolutely no relevance whats so ever to the issues of the day.

I took the photo to commemorate the new paint job and to document that the new awning has still not been installed. If you ever get a chance to visit allow Dan the owner to regale you with his spellbinding tale of the trials and tribulations of getting a new awning.

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