Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Recently Old and the Not so Old but Old None the Less
Port Royal, VA at the intersection of Rt. 17 and 301 in Caroline County. The historic section of the town is along the Rappahannock River. First settled in mid-seventeenth century the town was chartered in 1744. The early history of the town centered around a warehouse and a tavern. You will find that a number of Virginia's most historic towns began with a tavern.

The Port Royal Country Store is obviously not on of the "Blue Blood" buildings of the town but has a charm of its own. The Horne's restaurant across the street opened as part of a chain in 1960. It's competition was Stuckey's which is a part of my childhood. Go to the Horne's website and learn about the whole Stuckey's Horne's rivalry. The Horne's chain has long since gone under and this location is privately owned.

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