Thursday, January 20, 2011

So What Does This Have To Do With Knowledge And Technology?
To be truthful I took this shot because I liked the setting and the colors. Having said that there is a tie in to the subject at hand. And in this case it proves that a little knowledge is not always a good thing. This house has a stucco finish. Another reason for the photo is that you don't see too many of these type of buildings anymore. However, a decade or so back there was a demand for this type of exterior finish and the Exterior Insulation and Finishing System (EFIS) was born. When installed all connection points were caulked to ensure its insulation value. However, moisture will finds its way in. Especially during very humid Virginia Summers. With EFIS once the moisture got in it could not find it's way out. The result was mold and rotten framing. Actually inspected a house where the only thing holding it up was the exterior EFIS boards. The moral of the story is that technology can still bite you in the (expletive deleted).

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