Sunday, September 18, 2011

Not Much of A Picture...........
We have all run across a picture like this one while going through family albums.  Looking at such an ordinary scene most would make a cursory effort to identify the individual then put it aside and search for the more interesting  scenes. For others looking at this photo they wonder why such a seemingly ordinary photo was taken? What is the story behind the picture?

Only a few moments before my  youngest, Joshua, shook my hand, gave his mother a final hug goodbye and  turned to walk back to his new home on the campus of James Madison University.  It marked the end of the beginning.

My role as a parent is coming to an end. At this moment  the realization comes that my relationship with my son  has forever changed.  I will no longer scold or become angry with him. I can only be disappointed.  I will no longer be happy for him. I will be proud of him. For he now controls his destiny and I am  a bystander.  Offering support and advise when asked but the final decisions will rests with him.

And as my son walked away I also have to admit being a bit envious. I remembered a similar moment in my life.  The feeling of apprehension and exhilaration as one steps off to create a life of their own.  

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