Friday, July 23, 2010

A Cold Blast From the Past.......
Louisa County--With the temperatures here in the great Commonwealth of Virginia breaking 100 (that's Fahrenheit for those outside the Continental United States) along with the typical, and I should add miserable, humidity, I thought I would post a picture from our past winter. So how many of you are now looking back with fond memories of 36+ inches of snow? What I remember was getting stuck in snow banks four times. Two times I got myself out. On one occasion I was saved by an insured's John Deere tractor and the fourth time by a local towing company.


  1. I definitely DON'T miss the snow, even with all the hot and humid summer weather we've had. I also find it ironic how all the Southeners - who you'd think would be used to it - are the ones who complain the most about the hot weather! Spend just one winter in Upstate New York and you'll never complain again. :-)

  2. Of course, I meant "SouthERners." (What can you expect from some goddam Yankee?)