Saturday, August 28, 2010

For Parents With Teenage Daughters--Boyfriend for Rent (And Some Pictures)

My youngest son, age seventeen, recently broke up with his girlfriend. Being a thoughtful parent I had to remind myself that I was once that age and approach the situation accordingly. One of my finer parental moments I must say. However, what I did not see coming was how this event was going to impact me until I noticed that the grass in the front yard had grown to almost knee level in places. What you may ask does the dating habits of a seventeen year old have to do with lawn care? Isn't it obvious?.....Let me give you a little lesson in capitalism.

My son receives financial remuneration for mowing the lawn from mom, as they are wont to do; while Dad just stands by and grumbles about never getting paid for doing chores at his age-- as we are wont to do. But the remuneration itself is not the prime motivator. For most of us older folk our motivation is to provide for our families. Pay the bills, groceries, and occasional night out on the town, and whatever else our wives want. But what is the motivator for a seventeen year old boy? You got it! A seventeen year old girl--or somewhere in that age range--to spend money on! No girl. No motivation to earn money. Which in this case translates into knee high grass in the front yard. Which in the end meant that yours truly instead of being able to waste time posting pictures on this blog was out pulling weeds and mowing the lawn! Thus my dilemma.

So if anyone out there has a spare teenage daughter in the seventeen year old range I've got a seventeen year old son available for rent or lease with terms negotiable. He is in the National Honor Society, loves to cook, very artistic, plays the guitar and drums, and is a perfect gentleman. Any parent would be proud to have their daughter dating him. You can feel good that your daughter is out with someone who will respect her and I will have the time to post pictures instead of having to mow the lawn. Is a win win for everyone!

And yes I do realize that my youngest off spring will soon be leaving the nest and leaving me with lawn care duties. Fear not I've already got plan B in place. A retired friend of mine is planning to sell his house in the county and move into a condo a few blocks from my house. His one regret will not having a yard to take care of. No I'm not making this up. I'm told that when you reach a certain age a chemical imbalance or something occurs in the brain and you begin to enjoy yard work! So I have graciously offered my friend the opportunity to take care of my lawn. What a guy right? So as my son walks out the door to go forth and make his mark on the world my friend Dan will be out front mowing the lawn.

Not one to disappoint I will struggle through with my cut, bruised and blistered hands (yard gloves are for girls) and post a few shots of my recent travels through Olde Virginny.........but first

Boyfriend for Rent
My son Joshua getting ready to go para-sailing during our recent trip to Myrtle Beach. As I write this my fingers are cramping up and my blister is beginning to sting. Don't know how much I will be able to post if I have to do yard work again. Any help in the girl friend department would be greatly appreciated.

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