Saturday, August 14, 2010

A Trip to Myrtle Beach.....North

A beach sunset is beautiful but also mundane because we expect it to be beautiful. In your life’s travels take a closer look around you for the unexpected, the quirky, the incongruous. These scenes may not be as beautiful as a sunset on the beach but they are a hell of a lot more interesting!


Just got back from a week at North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. For those of you expecting pictures of romantic sunsets on the beach or scantily clad co-eds playing beach volleyball you should know by now I don't have much use for the expected. Come on gang where is your drive to experience and see new things? ...........OK , here is a site with photos of breathtaking beach scenes, and here is one with breathtaking photos of spring break If there is anyone left here are some photos of some of the unexpected and interesting sites of North Myrtle Beach...........

Welcome to North Myrtle Beach.....
The main drag into North Myrtle Beach, SC--17th Avenue South. Lined, as expected, by Palmetto trees. You may notice that unlike most beach spots not every inch of space at least four blocks back is taken up with high rise hotels, condos, bars and cheap gift shops. Most of North Myrtle Beach is covered with beach houses without views of the beach--thanks to the hotels on the beach which have such interesting and unique names like, The Dunes, High Tide, and By the Sea. And to add insult to injury at least one has a Tiki Bar. Just for edification Tiki is a male figure in Polynesian, i.e, Pacific, mythology, sometimes identified as the first man. You definitely cannot use the words originality or cultural sensitivity in the same sentence with beach front community.

LEARNING MOMENT--The palmetto tree was adopted as the state symbol in 1861 (On their way out of the Union) to honor Moultrie's heroic defense of the palmetto log fort on Sullivan's Island against the attack of the British fleet on June 28, 1776.