Thursday, May 21, 2009

Remington & Brandy Station—Off the Beaten Path.

“I hate small towns because once you have seen the cannon in the park there is nothing else to do.”

Lenny Bruce

Driving down Rt. 29 between Rt. 17 and Rt. 3 is pretty monotonous unless you heed those little signs that take you off Rt. 29. to those small towns that were by-passed when the road was built.

During the Civil War Brandy Station was the site of the largest cavalry battle in the United States. Due to the railroad and its proximity to Kelly’s Ford on the Rappahannock
River Remington also saw quite a bit of action during the war. Strange that I didn’t find any cannons in parks. In my search for them, which will be continued another day, I did find other scenes of interest…..

Brandy Station--Freddy Krueger's Summer Home
Come on! You can't tell me this wouldn't make a great set for a teen slasher movie. This house is so over grown you can barely see it from the small road that runs right in front of it.

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