Thursday, May 28, 2009

Speaking of Railroads—Fredericksburg

Rain and cancelled appointments have kept me off the road so we go back to the archives. As I have received a number of compliments on the header photo I’m posting some other photos taken during the hike when it was taken.....

During the era of the iron horse not all railroads were a rousing success. The line running from Fredericksburg to Orange is a case in point. Begun just after the Civil War the railroad went through three foreclosures before being abandoned in 1938. During its third and final reorganization in 1926 the line became know as the Virginia Central Railroad.

Today remains of the rail bed still extend from King George County (At one point it was though by extending the line it would become more profitable. This section was never built.) thru Fredericksburg and out to Orange. Plans are moving forward in the city to used the bed as part of our trails system. These photos were taken during the trail planning process.

Our Stroll Begins
Looking down the rail bed where it begins-- at Alum Springs Park. Not a view you would expect to see within the city limits.

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