Thursday, July 2, 2009

Preserving the Randomness of Mind

“To dare everyday to be irreverent and bold. To dare to preserve the randomness of mind which in children produces strange and wonderful new thoughts and forms. To continually scramble the familiar and bring the old into new juxtapositions.”

Gordon Webber

Today you are to be subjected to random photos, and thoughts, from your host. So stop trying to think of excuses to leave. Stop looking at your watch or trying to locate the nearest exit. Sit back, make sure the popcorn and a cold beverage are within easy reach………
A Romantic View (i.e. Close-up) of History Spotsylvania--Mudd Tavern. Yes the Mudd Tavern where Dr. Mudd made the mistake of treating John Wilkes Booth the assassin of Abraham Lincoln. This photo is focused on the old section of the building. Lets take a few (actually quite a few) steps back and take another look....

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