Friday, October 8, 2010

See, If I was Sensible I Would Have Missed This.
Somewhere on Rt 340 about 40 miles from where I was supposed to be. OK, how many times do you get to see the laundry hung out to dry on the porch of an 19th century home that needs some serious work? By the way, this is my yard in about another month or two if I can't get my son Joshua back on the dating circuit. Keep those pictures and resumes coming!


  1. Matt, I have passed this house many times in the past, and am always amazed that it is still standing. I think every time I have driven by the house, there is always laundry hanging on the porch. The really weird part is trying to figure out how they even get to the house, as I have never been able to locate a driveway.

  2. Matt, I believe this is on Route 33, correct? I pass it every month when I go to visit my folks over the Mountain in Weyers Cave. Part of the charm is that I love guessing what they are laundering prior to my pass-by. Usually sheets or towels and long-johns in the winter. Amazing.

  3. Rt. 340 North. I've gotten e-mails from a few people also saying they pass this house on their way to, or coming back from, someplace. This looks to be a real tourist attraction. Maybe they should start selling tickets for house tours. I'd love to see this place up close and personal.