Friday, October 29, 2010

What Does This Have to Do With Work You May Ask?
Simple answer--it doesn't. As I could probably lose a pound or two...or three+ I have taken to skipping a lunch or two to document the pedigree of this Model 1841 cast-iron, smooth-bore six pounder sitting in front of our fire station. It is either one of thirty-six imported guns from Sweden or was cast at the West Point Foundry (1817-1911) in New York. In arrived in Fredericksburg by way of a request to the governor by the City Council in February 1850. In June of 1851 the governor authorized the state Adjatant General to send a six-pounder cannon to the city. Only time it was fired was on the 4th of July and Washington's birthday. Now trying to document how and when the gun was turned over the the great Commonwealth of Virginia. HEY! Wake-up!

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