Monday, August 3, 2009

Day Three--Aran Islands

The Obligatory Abandoned Home
An old stone house along the road. Had to have at least one in this set of photos to keep my average up. Needless to say this is a common site in Ireland. I took this photo because the hearth is still visible.
A View from the Fort
At the end of the island is a very old, megalithic I believe, stone ring fort. This photo was taken while looking from the entrance of the fort back across the island.

The Coastal Road
We toured the main island on bikes. This is a typical section of the coastal road.


  1. nice pics
    do you edit your pics
    if so with what program

  2. Which island? If it was Inis Mor you were wandering among my kin. I know of at least one cousin still on the island.

  3. Jo--All I have at the moment is Kodak Easyshare. Thinking about getting Photoshop.
    COD--We were on Inis Mor. It was a beautiful day and had a great time. Have to admit I had to walk my bike up the hills on occasion. It is amazing (stupid) what you will do as a father to keep up with your 16-year-old son.

  4. Glad you enjoyed our island. The old abandoned home you feature was in fact the island forge in days gone by and the main character in the film "Man of Aran" Tiger King was one of the King family of blacksmiths. Here is a link to a picture taken at the forge in the 1950 and featuring Tigers brother Michael.