Sunday, May 22, 2011

Architecture and Speed--It will All Make Sense

Orlando FL--The main drag in front of our hotel. Eight years as an elected official changes you.  You see the world in a different light. To most of you this is a rather mundane photo of a mundane street scene in Orlando. Now let's take a look at it through my eyes. Note the sign. How in the heck do you come up with a $262.00 fine for running a stop sign. I Google searched this and came up empty. Also note that the amount on the sign can be switched out. That does not bode well for local residents. Elected officials have a real problem reducing numbers.

Now let's look at the hotel across the street. I bare the scars from what is fondly referred to in our city as the third Battle of Fredericksburg--The construction of a downtown hotel. While you may be wondering what the pineapple is made of  I've broken out in a sweat and am having flashbacks about EFIS, scale and massing, and downtown character. And I forgot the prozac in my room!  

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