Sunday, May 22, 2011

Need More Gas Pumps

Louisa, VA--No I have not lost my fascination with abandoned gas pumps. What makes this pair all the more fascinating is that they are located on a rural dead-end road with no signs of a building structure nearby.    The pumps are set at a price of 31 cents a gallon which takes us back to around 1957. For those economist among us based on the rate of inflation the comparable price would be around $2.41. Some fun facts about 1957:

Average cost of a house was $18,000.00. A car $2,100.00

Some music chart toppers were, Pat Boone, Jonny Mathis, Tab Hunter...

The Surgeon General links cigarette smoking to lung cancer

 FORTRAN (computer language) is introduced

Milwaukee Brewers won the World Series

Yours truly wasn't born yet.

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