Sunday, May 22, 2011

English Gardens vs.  Continental Gardens, Democracy vs. Totalitarianism
Orange, VA--Ah the idyllic spring day on the back roads of Virginia. Isn't nature wonderful! Note the beautiful carpet of little purple weedy things. The English have it right, why mess with mother nature. Just sit back and let it happen. Not like those high brow continentals with their formal well manicured gardens. Faux nature that's what it is! And such gardens perpetuated serfdom, servitude, and the bondage of the masses.  How undemocratic. And this oppressive practice continues to this day. Only the names have changed. Today servants are called husbands and serfs are called teenagers. And my last serf, I mean teenager, is leaving in three months!  Dandelions and little purple weedy things are mother nature's way of adding a little color to our lives. Why must we fight mother nature? Its undemocratic and unnatural. Sometime I wish we were still the colonies. Rule Britannia.

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