Sunday, May 22, 2011

Great Time At A Piano Bar....I Think

Orlando, FL--During a trip to Florida to see the Daytona 500 my friends and I (guy road trip) stopped in a local piano bar.  Enjoyed it quite a bit but this was the fifth bar we had been to that day. Thought I would pass on  few tips to help you enjoy your experience should you find yourself stumbling into a piano bar:

1. Never hurt to start with the old standard. Not that it's really going to do any good. No that's not Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt making eyes at you from across the room.

2. If you are not a Billy Joel fan don't go in.  You will hear Piano Man and a lot more.

3. Don't, I repeat, don't request Guns N Roses "November Rain" or anything by Lady GaGa.

4. Alcohol affects your musical judgment too.  

5. Pace yourself. One song and one dollar per napkin. Sending up 5 napkins with four songs on each and a lot of dollar bills isn't going to get your songs played any faster. (See #4 above, delete "musical")

6.  The song you really want to hear will be played while you are in the bathroom.

7.  Ignore rule #4 in one respect. The people you are sitting with really can't sing. I have proof but they won't let me post it.

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