Sunday, May 22, 2011

A Guy Moment.......

Ladies if I may have a moment alone with the guys.............Picture this--Laid back with your feet up on your barber's chair with remote in hand and the big plasma screen in front of you. A brief turn in the chair and there is a small refrigerator within easy reach  filled with (insert preferred beer here. If your thinking either wine or soda please leave the room.). You place the cold one on a small metal dentist table attached to one arm of the chair. On a similar table on the other arm  sits your munchies of choice........

OK the chair doesn't fit with the room decor and the red leather clashes with all the other colors in the room  but we can dream can't we?  And maybe, just maybe, some brave soul will grab for his dream. And though he may not succeed, and suffer the consequences of his actions, he could inspire others and someday this dream will be a reality.

This barber's chair could have been the one.  It could have been some guys chance at immortality.  A moment of silence please to mourn this lost opportunity (shed tear here).     

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